Friday, October 26, 2012

"Who Is Fethullah Gulen?": Response to Claire Berlinski's Latest article on City Journal [related to Gulen Charter Schools]

Her piece on City Journal is just a repetitive summary of criticisms without any counter arguments.

This article is extremely biased and one-sided. Most of the accusations about Fethulah Gulen are formed on the basis of conspiracy theories, suspicions, unverified rumors, etc.

So Who Is Fethullah Gulen and What is Gulen Movement? When Gulen Movement analyzed deeply, it will be clearly visible that this movement is a good example of a Muslim community.

1) Fethullah Gulen  and Gulen Movement followers are 100% non-violent. You can't even show one single incident where any member of the Movement has ever used the means of violence so far.

2) Fethullah  Gulen and Gulen Movement followers are open to interfaith dialog and mutual understanding.

3) Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement followers give importance to Science and Education.

4) Through Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement followers' actions, they represent peace, cooperation and fraternity.

This movement is one of the best examples of Muslim communities in the world.

Why this effort to defame Fethullah Gulen, Gulen Movement is for then?

Why some group of people, consistently, persistently label some successful charter schools as Gulen Charter Schools? Those charter schools are running under some regulations which means they have to follow state and federal law. If those local school boards are given permission to run the local public charter school, why these people (such as Claire Berlinski and other bloggers) accusing those charter school boards and administrators by being part of a group or ethnicity? And, why are they  working so hard to defame Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement by operating a charter school chain?

It just doesn't make any sense that a 72 years old man who suffer from various medical problems, is the operator charter schools in the US. He is not accepting that those charter schools are connected to him anyway. Imagine a person will have such power and ambition to operate the largest chain of charter schools in the nation and will deny the connection? Why?

It is so apparent that they (Claire Berlinski and other bloggers) have problem with Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement and they are against him, his followers and their positive contribution to humanity. Period.

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