Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who is Fethullah Gulen?: Gulen Charter Schools Myth, Hatred and Jealousy

It seems Berlinski's article served as a valuable material for chronic Gulen Haters such as Bill Thacker, CASILIPS, Mari Addi, Sharon Higgins and maybe their unknown managers. Long comments shows the hatred very well.

Who are the haters?

Some of them pro teacher union individuals. They really don't know who Fethullah Gulen is. There is no effort to learn indeed. They are just against Charter Schools. They are against privatization of education.

Some others provoke those pro-teacher union individuals against Fethullah Gulen. Why? Because they think Fethullah Gulen has the largest Charter School Network(!) in the nation. Naturally, they are against Fethullah Gulen as they are  against charter schools.

The Alliance

Their alliance is established for the sake of defamation, accusation even xenophobia.  The smear campaign starts against Fethullah Gulen and those successful charter schools. As a result of this alliance, these 4-5 individuals dedicate their life to attack on Fethullah Gulen and Gulen Movement.

Hatred and Jealousy

It's understandable that they are exercising and enjoying their freedom of speech. However, this distorted, one sided point of view which is built upon hatred and jealousy doesn't help a mainstream American who doesn't know anything about this phenomena.

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