Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gulen Charter Schools: An effort to defame successful charter schools and Fethullah Gulen

A smear campaign has been going on about Fethullah Gulen, charter schools and some non-governmental, non-profit organizations, they are being labeled as Gulen Charter Schools. It is very strange that this campaign has recently started even though Fethullah Gulen, charter schools and NGOs have been around for more than a decade.

1- Are these schools or any other charter schools in the nation officially affiliated with Gulen? In their charter proposals, is there any such affiliation?

2- Do the school officials confirm any sort of official connection with Fethullah Gulen?

3- Is Fethullah Gulen a criminal? Is he a dangerous person? Can someone explain why he was granted permanent residency by the US authorities if he is dangerous?

It is obvious that the purpose of the people who are labeling successful charter schools as Gulen Charter Schools is to defame Fethullah Gulen and successful charter schools. As it was mentioned on CBS's 60 Minutes that nationwide Newsweek Magazine listed some of those two successful charter schools as miracle schools of the nation. They're combining those successful schools as Gulen Charter Schools, because they're successful. Those people who are actually against good and goodness picking Fethullah Gulen's name as a person to mention with those successful charter schools. Whoever they are, they don't like Fethullah Gulen because of his teachings and positive contribution to humanity in 21st century.

In the other hand, Turkish oriented people are not the only people operating charter schools in the United States. Why are those people picking only charter schools operated by Turkish origin professionals?

A few useful links see the details of this smear campaign and about Fethullah Gulen and those successful charter schools:






  1. I like the article. It is eye opening piece..

  2. And who are those people who curse Gulen mouthful in every occiasion?