Monday, February 27, 2012

President Clinton thanks the Gülen Movement

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42nd U.S. President Clinton thanks the Gülen Movement for contributions to world peace and security

42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton's delivered his remarks at the 3rd Annual Friendship Dinner by Turkish Cultural Center.“In this interdependent world, the fates of people on opposite sides of the globe are increasingly linked; and it is critical to keep the lines of communication open as much as we can. That is why the communication between the Turkish-American community and the people of Turkey is so important. You are contributing to lasting peace and security at home and abroad; the promotion of the ideas of tolerance and interfaith dialogue inspired by Fethullah Gülen in his transnational social movement.

You do it through your everyday lives and you are truly strengthening the fabric of our common humanity, as well as promoting the ongoing cultural and educational ties that bind our world together. I want to thank you for your contributions to America, for your contributions to stronger Turkish-American relationships and better understanding.”

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